Upcoming Holiday 18th to 22nd January

Upcoming Holiday 18th to 22nd January

I will be away on holiday from early Monday morning 18th January, until late on Friday afternoon 22nd January. Sadly, no orders can be processed while I’m enjoying a little family time away. Any orders placed while I’m gone, will be processed in a fair order upon my return. The first day orders will be sent is Monday 25th January, though some may take a few days to complete (eg natural bird toys or perches that need to be made).

Over the weekend of 17th and 18th January, I may pack some basic orders, that can be sent via courier. These will be collected by the couriers on Monday 18th – I will be away, but have a locked location that they can access for pick up. I will not be going to the post office, so Australia Post orders won’t be sent until my return.
For your best chance to have your order sent, please complete your order and payment prior to midday on Sunday 17th. If your order only contains pre-made bird, cat or dog toys, it is likely to be sent.

  • Orders that contain ANY natural bird toys will be sent after 25th January, as I need to make these fresh.
  • Orders that include some bolt on perches *may* be sent, if I have the correct size in stock, though may wait until my return if I need to make them.
  • Lastly, orders of lots of small toy parts take quite a bit of time to pack. Therefore, some might be sent, but large/time consuming toy part orders may also wait until my return. After all, this is my weekend and I will be preparing my pets and myself for the holiday.

Thank you for understanding 🙂 You can see previous updates below, from during the week prior to holiday.

Friday 15th January 2pm: Wow, what a big few days! I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to complete ALL orders made prior to right now, including all natural bird toys (even those ordered today). I am about to make my last post office trip before my holiday and the courier is due to collect soon. I have used all green Gumnuts that I had, so can’t make any natural toys over the weekend. All naturals will wait until my return.

Thursday 14th January 7am: Any natural bird toys and bolt on barky branches ordered from now, will be made and sent after 25th January. My focus for the next few days will be completing the existing natural orders and working on new orders that do not include naturals (ie those that can be packed and sent fairly quickly).

I am still working normally this week and a little bit over the weekend. Please place your normal/non-natural orders by midday on Sunday 17th for a reasonable chance for me to pack your order prior to my departure on Monday morning. If your order includes items that need to be made (like natural bird toys or bolt on perches), the whole order will be held and sent after my return.

Monday 11th January: I am going on a short holiday in 1 weeks’ time and want to give everyone some notice of this. I had held off announcing the holiday over the past few days, with the news of the Greater Brisbane Lockdown. With this mornings’ update that restrictions will be lifted, we’re still going away!

I will be making and sending orders as usual this week. Orders that do not contain natural bird toys are normally sent same or next business day. Pending orders that have already been placed previously, for natural bird toys will be completed before my holiday. However, natural bird toys that are ordered from the morning of 11th January *may* not be completed prior to holiday and would be sent after I return.

I will work to minimise impact as much as possible and apologise for any inconvenience.

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