Catmosphere Food Ball (cats and large parrots)

Catmosphere Pink and Black

Catmosphere Food Ball (cats and large parrots)

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Cats are hunters by nature. Stimulate your cat’s curiosity with this unique treat dispenser. Filled with your cat”s favorite treats the dispenser creates an unpredictable roll that engages the cat to chase it.

This is a bit trickier than the standard food ball. The food/treats sit in the clear sphere for you cat to see, however they don’t just freely fall out of an opening in the toy like some easier designs. The centre of the toy has a large tube through the core of it and at the bottom of that core, there is a single opening. Your pet will need to get some food into the opening at the bottom and then tip the ball to let the reward out.

Available in pink or black.

Suitable for cats and for large parrots! See the videos of my own Corella using the toy in her foraging tray.


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Watch this clever puss using his Catmosphere ball


Nora and Lucy seem a bit younger and use a different technique with thiers

Precious the Corella using the Catmosphere for the first time

Precious the Corella using the Catmosphere again, 4 years later

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