Hanging Tilt-a-Wheel


The Hanging Tilt-a-Wheel is a new design made by Caitec. Or should I say, a ‘re-invented’ design after the Cage-Mounted version was too difficult for most beaks. This ‘saucer’ is see through and has 2 openings in the top that your clever parrot can access their food from. Fill it with dry food, treats and foraging substrate (eg bird safe kitty litter) and watch as your bird spins, pushes and tilts the wheel to get to the reward.


The Tilt-a-Wheel measures 21cm wide and a total of 27cm tall, including the quick link that it hangs from. There is a short length of natural, sisal rope under the toy too.

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Weight450 g
Dimensions300 x 300 x 80 mm


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Long Billed Corella with original (more difficult) cage-mounted design.

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