JW Rockin’ Treat Ball

JW Rockin’ Treat Ball


The Rockin’ Treat Ball is a twist on the standard, hollow treat ball. Food can be put in the 2 blue compartments and screwed together. The opening sits in the blue tube in the middle of the toy which is surrounded by the white, nylon frame of the ball. This means the toy can be picked up and carried or shaken, as well as pushed and rolled with paw and nose. Treats occasionally fall from the inner tube for your pet to retrieve.


The Rockin’ Treat Ball comes in 1 size only and is suitable for most breeds of dogs (from roughly 5kg and up). Take a look at the video tab where you can see the structure of the toy explained as well as a few different pups using theirs.

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A great video from the creators of this toy

2 Staffys using their toy

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