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Buster Food Cube Regular

$48.70 (inc GST)

This has long been one of my favourite foraging toys – the Buster Food Cube is a great toy with a clever design. The cube has compartments inside which means food doesn’t move around quite as freely as it would in a hollow item. Your pets’ dry treats and/or kibble will move through the internal components, like navigating a maze to reach the exit. The inner shaft of the toy also has just round 2 openings within, making more of a challenge for your clever pooch to get their biscuits out.

It is simple to fill and can fit a whole meal for your pet (though we recommend to spread their meal between a number of toys each day, to keep them engaged). To easily clean and fill the Buster Food cube the interior shaft of the toy, which is a different colour, can be removed. Once the toy has your pets’ meal or some treats inside, simply twist the shaft to lock it into place.

While the Buster Food Cube is made from hard plastic and not designed for chewing, the shape also makes it difficult for dogs to get their mouth around to pick up and chew.

It comes in 4 great colours and 2 sizes, to suit every pooch. This is the regular size which is suitable for dogs over 10kg. Please select your preferred colour.


The regular size in use with Brittany Spaniels

A short add from the creators of the Food Cube!

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