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Cardboard Crazy (both)
Precious the Corella with Cardboard Crazy (2)
Precious the Corella with Cardboard Crazy (3)
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Cardboard Crazy (skewer) (1)

Cardboard Crazy

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The ‘Cardboard Crazy’ is a simple, yet enjoyable foraging and chewing toy for medium to large parrots. Your parrot will delight in chewing the different cardboard pieces and spinning them around. With a mix of natural and bright colours, there’s something for everybirdy. Add an element of foraging by hiding dry food treats inside the cardboard ends (paper wrapped parcels and Feather Weight mini foot toys work really well)! See the photos of Precious, the Corella using hers and the video below.

The toy measures 22-25cm tall and 11cm wide. All hardware is stainless steel. This toy is typically made with a stainless steel wire base (not refillable), though you can upgraded to the Scooter Z’s Skewer, to be able to rebuild the toy or make your own designs after your parrot has chewed away the cardboard. The skewer comes with a small stainless steel quick link, the basic/wire option does not, though you can add your own hanging link as desired.

Scooter Z's Stainless Steel Skewers (3 sizes)

Choose to have the Cardboard Crazy toy made on a refillable skewer, instead of wire (both options are stainless steel). Where the skewer option is selected, the pacifier bead will be attached with a stainless steel o ring at the bottom of the toy.

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1 review for Cardboard Crazy

  1. 5 out of 5

    mildowts (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing toy. Trixie is so happy trying to knock out the treats I stuff in there with paper covering the ends

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