3 Cup Foraging Toy

3 Cup Foraging Toy vs Bottoms Up (4)
3 Cup Foraging Toy vs Bottoms Up (8)
3 Cup Foraging Toy vs Bottoms Up (7)
3 Cup Foraging Toy vs Bottoms Up (6)
Modified 3 Cup Toys

3 Cup Foraging Toy

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The 3 Cup Foraging Toy is the well made, but cheaper copy of a very popular foraging toy that I have stocked for many years (The Bottom’s Up). It is great for the smaller breeds of birds. It is easy to teach your bird to use and can also be made more difficult. Fill it with your bird’s favourite treats, and their normal diet, mixed with bird safe foraging substrate. You can use Mini Feather Weight Foot toys, vine balls and other items in this toy as well as treats.

Your bird will need to lift the light, plastic lid of the 3 Cup Foraging Toy and reach their head into the cup to access their reward. The cups and lids move around freely on a long length of nickel plated chain. While your bird is learning to use the toy, you can sticky tape the lids open or partially open to make it easier for them. Then change to no tape, with the lids sitting loosely once your parrot knows that they can get the food with the lid lifted. You can even start sticky taping the lids closed once your parrot is really good at this toy! They will need to chew through the tape to open the lid! (avian vet recommended/safe).

The height of the cup is slightly less than that of the Bottom’s Up, at 4.5cm instead of 5.5cm (see the pictures), but functions in the same way, including with the foot toys inside. The whole toy measures roughly 47cm long (including pear clip and bell) and 7cm wide. All hardware is nickel plated, though I can upgrade it to stainless steel hardware with the parts that I sell. There are now multiple options to select from if you’d like the hardware upgraded. Please see the last photo for examples also.

To read in detail about how to introduce this toy to your pet who is new to foraging, check out this ‘how to’ document: Introducing the Bottom’s Up.

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Cockatiels using the branded Bottom’s Up toy

Green Cheek Conure with the Bottom’s Up

Black Capped Conure with Bottom’s Up

Quaker & Conure

1 review for 3 Cup Foraging Toy

  1. 5 out of 5

    Mooncake and Starbuck (verified owner)

    Mooncake and Starbuck can’t recommend this one enough. It holds a large amount of food, and being three separate cups it allows a variety of food and treats to be available. We find that one of the three cups always ends up being very difficult to reach – high value rewards go here. Mooncake (who is usually quiet and reserved) has been performing some impressive acrobatics to get to those treats, so the toy has been great for getting her to try new things. The clear cups provide extra motivation as the birds can constantly see the reward they’re working for. If they let go once they have the cup open, it autmotically ‘resets’ and they have to do the work all over again. This is another one from which multiple birds can forage at the same time without getting in each others way – this leads to more swinging and hence more of a challenge for each bird.

    The stainless steel upgrade is excellent, and gives us the assurance of safety and longevity with this excellent forager. It’s so easy to clean, and simply hangs upside down to dry quickly. The whole thing is very sturdy, so should last a while with our tiels.

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