Large Parrot Foraging Starter Pack (Alexandrine, Galah, Eclectus, Cockatoo)

Large Parrot Foraging Starter Pack
Large Parrot Foraging Starter Pack 2

Large Parrot Foraging Starter Pack (Alexandrine, Galah, Eclectus, Cockatoo)

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Get your large parrot started with some beginner foraging toys from my recommendations. Use the substrate in some of the toys and keep some to use in a foraging tray or bowl.
By purchasing these items together, as a pack, you receive 10% off.

To see these foraging puzzles in use, check out the videos below.

It is best to introduce each toy one at a time and gradually, but why not stock up now and have them all ready to give to your bird, as they ace each puzzle! These toys are also available individually in my store.

Foraging Substrate - Recycled Paper Litter (500g)

A bird-safe foraging substrate that is made from recycled paper and recommended by many avian vets. This is a 500 gram packet to get your pet parrot started with foraging. You can add this to foraging toys, mixing it with pellets or seed to make the task take longer for your parrot. Or create a foraging tray or bowl for your bird to search among - add foot toys, seeds, pellets or foraging parcels for your bird to find among the substrate.

This is a convenient sized, 500 gram packet. It is decanted from a larger bag and packaged in a clean zip lock bag with a label.


A great foraging toy for beginners as well as an enriching way to feed your experienced parrot a portion of their breakfast.
To use this foraging toy, your bird needs to push the opening down for the food to roll to the opening. As soon as they let go the spring inside the toy sends it back to it's normal position. Your bird will need to repeat over and over to retrieve all of the food you've left in there. You can also put small foot toys, pebbles, shredded paper and other things in the toy to hide the food and make the toy harder.

The Foraging Seesaw measures 19cm wide and 4.5cm deep. It hangs 27cm long, including pear clip at top.

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Large Baffle Cage

This is a high quality, sturdy foraging design that is great for all breeds of birds. Fill it with your bird's fruits and vegetables for their fresh food foraging. Or make it a refillable destruction toy, but putting blocks of wood, pinecones, gumnuts, yucca, foot toys, pieces of broken toys, shredded paper and banksia pods inside - or whatever takes your parrots' fancy!

Your bird will need to reach through the gaps in the bars to access their rewards. You could make this harder by wrapping everything inside the toy with paper for them to chew open or lining the baffle cage with cardboard once your parrot has mastered it.

The Large Baffle Cage is 100% stainless steel and measures 15 x 15cm across, while hanging a total of 40cm tall from a chain with quick link attachment. The bars are 2cm apart. This is the larger of the 2 sizes, best for large parrots. For small parrots, see the Small Baffle Cage.

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Large Acrylic Maze

This is a sturdy versatile foraging toy that is great for the most breeds of birds. Fill it with your bird's favourite treats, and their normal diet.

Your bird will need to spin the maze by holding onto the opening and moving it around. The wheel spins freely and your bird can watch their food move from shelf to shelf until it reaches the opening. By adding bird safe foraging substrate, you can increase the difficulty of this maze once your bird is experienced at it. You can also use Mini Feather Weights as foraging foot toys inside the maze.

The maze itself is a sealed piece of acrylic and cannot be opened, it is tough and will stand up to the big beaks! The Large Maze measures 15cm in diameter and 3cm thick, it screws onto the side of the cage with the nut and bolt set, as well as 2 washers which fits all cage/aviary bars. The small is available in my store also.

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Large Pipe Dream

The Pipe Dream is a foraging toy of my own making. I make them in 3 different sizes to suit a range of parrots. The large is best suited to Alexandrines through to Macaws.

Your large parrot just needs to lift the acrylic lid up and reach their beak inside the pipe to retrieve their reward. You can mix seed/pellets with bird safe foraging substrate inside the toy or use larger items like nuts, beads or chunks of vegetables wrapped in paper. When first introducing this toy, you can use a piece of sticky tape to hold one lid open for your bird to learn where to find the food. After they have used it this way for a few days, you can remove the tape and let them pick the lid up themselves.

The stainless steel chain running through the toy, helps to hold the lids a little more securely to add some difficulty. Pacifiers adorn the ends of the chain.

For Indian Ringnecks and smaller parrots, I recommend the medium toy. The Pipe dream is made with bird safe and tough acrylic and pvc plus all hardware is stainless steel. There are acrylic beads and cardboard birdy bagels for your bird to play with too. When purchased as part of this pack, I include a stainless steel quick link, when purchased separately the hanging link is an optional extra.

Stainless Steel Quick Link

The Large Pipe Dream Toy doesn't include a hanging link, so I've added a Stainless Steel Quick Link.

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Corella using cardboard-lined Baffle Cage

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo with Baffle Cage

Long Billed Corella (learning how to use the Seesaw)

Short Billed Corella using the Seesaw, both normal and hidden inside a box!

Short Billed Corella with Acrylic Maze

Long Billed Corella with Acrylic Maze


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