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Mahogany Pod Pieces Thickness
Mahogany Pod Pieces – Odd ones

Mahogany Pod Slices (10pk)

$2.50 (inc GST)

Mahogany pod slices provide a great texture for your parrot to chew in a small sized piece, suitable for birds to hold with their feet. They are natural and crunchy – a little firmer than yucca and balsa, with a satisfying crumble. Each pack of 10 varies and may include a mix of sizes, with middle and end pieces. They measure roughly 10 to 25 mm thick and 15 to 35mm across.

Give the pieces as a foot toy, to satisfy your birds’ chewing needs – you can even poke a special seed treat into one of the natural openings in the pod to make it a foraging foot toy! Or to make your own toy, it is easiest to drill a small hole through the centre of the larger pieces. Some pieces you can poke a hole in with wire or a skewer, though the crumbly nature of the Mahogany Pod can make this difficult with smaller pieces.

Mahogany Pod Pieces are safe for all parrot species as well as pocket pets such as ferrets, rabbits and rats. This pack of pieces best suits smaller pets, while larger breeds may enjoy the Whole Mahogany Pod more. Please be aware that each pack of 10 is handpicked fairly. Some might include mostly normal size pieces and a few smaller/odd pieces.


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