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    CFS Large Feeder Starter Kit (10 Refills)

    The Creative Foraging Systems Box Feeder toy is great for feeding your birds’ dry food and treats. Fill with a mix of food and bird safe foraging substrate to make the food harder to get to.


    Your bird will need to chew open the cardboard box to access the rewards inside! This starter pack comes with 10 refill boxes which come with a ‘honeycomb divider’ to separate the box into 8 compartments, prolonging the foraging enjoyment!  Refill packs of 15 boxes can be purchased separately in my store.


    This toy is the larger of the 2 sizes (shown together in last images) and is made from tough polycarbonate and will hold up against even the tougher beaks. It comes in clear, as pictured and attaches to the side of the cage using a polycarbonate screw/washer that fits most cage and aviary bars. Be careful not to cross thread these when tightening them as the screw pieces will snap!

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    Small Squidalicious

    Bright and colourful rolled paper sticks dyed with food-safe vegetable dye hang from a pleasantly shaped wooden cup. Hang and watch as your bird begins to unravel this paper treasure with glee. This is a great little toy for birds that like to shred things.


    This toy is made by Australian company, My Parrot Shop and contains FDA approved child-safe glue.

    Take a look at the Super Bird Paper Party Toy for the horizontal, perch version of this toy.


    The body of the Small Squidalicious measures 12 x 3cm and it hangs a total of 21cm tall from the stainless steel chain with ‘o’ ring at the top. It does not come with a hanging link which can be purchased separately.

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    Custom Natural Ladder (various sizes)

    Natural ladders that are handmade, custom for each order.

    Each rung of the ladder will be a piece of branch from a native tree, with lots of bark for your parrots’ feet and nails. Lining the side is a seasonal mix of Australian Gumnuts, Casuarina and Liquid Amber pods plus native branch pieces, balsa bricks, vine balls/rings, birdy bagels, yucca pieces, woven leaf shredding strips and finger trap pieces, threaded onto stainless steel wire. Even the occasional small Pinecone or Banksia cone is added to the ladders.


    Please select from the options to customise your ladder. If you have other requests, please include them in the order notes and/or contact me first to discuss your requirements. I typically make a loop on each of the 4 ends. You can then attach a pear clip or other hanging link to each end (hanging links purchased separately and available on this site). I can put alternative ends on the ladder like a hook shape, though please be careful to assess how the hook sits in your birds’ area to ensure it is safe. See the last couple of photos which show these options.


    These natural toys are handmade and the seed pods are seasonally available. Therefore, every toy does differ and contains a mix of dry/open and green/closed seed pods. Please contact me before purchase if you have specific wishes or want to check availability of certain seed pods.


    These ladders do take a bit of time for me to make and I do this in addition to my job as a vet nurse. I also prefer to use fresh seed pods that I collect once I have an order, so please allow up to 1 – 2 weeks for your order to be made (though some may be made in a matter of days too). Feel free to contact me before placing an order to check availability.

    Contact via my Facebook Page or email to is preferred.

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    Planet Pleasures Large Coloured Pinata

    This is a chunky shreddable toy that your companion parrot will love! Made with natural, woven plant material, it truly is designed for beaks that love to chew! Made by Planet Pleasures who supply an awesome range of natural bird toys for your parrots’ chewing pleasure!


    You can even turn this into a foraging toy for your bird by hiding favourite pieces of dry food in the many openings and hidey holes in the different weaves of this toy.


    Measures roughly 40cm long and 8cm in diameter. This toy doesn’t come with a hanging link which you can choose separately.

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    Large Baffle Cage

    This is a high quality, sturdy foraging design that is great for all breeds of birds. Fill it with your bird’s fruits and vegetables as well as foot toys, blocks of wood, pinecones and banksia pods.
    Your bird will need to reach through the gaps in the bars to access their rewards. You could make this harder by wrapping everything inside the toy with paper for them to chew open or lining the baffle cage with cardboard once your parrot has mastered it.


    This toy is 100% stainless steel and measures 15 x 15cm across, while hanging a total of 40cm tall from a chain with quick link attachment. The bars are 2cm apart.


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    Giant Foraging Wheel (Second Generation)

    This is a sturdy foraging toy designed for large and extra large birds. Your parrot will need to turn the wheel to access five separate food compartments which you can fill with foot toys, beads, nuts, 'foraging parcels' and other treats. You can fit foraging foot toys, such as the Flower Pot, Smarty Ring and up to medium Feather Weights within the compartments of this wheel.  Using 4cm Vine Balls and Yucca Pieces is also a great foraging idea.


    Measures roughly 20cm in diameter and 5cm thick/deep. It screws onto cage at 2 points and fits most cage and aviary bars.


    For medium parrots, I suggest the smaller, 'Extra-Large' version of this wheel. They are all made from tough polycarbonate and are dishwasher safe.

    $74.50 $72.00
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    Large Acrylic Maze

    This is a sturdy versatile foraging toy that is great for the most breeds of birds. Fill it with your bird’s favourite treats, and their normal diet.


    Your bird will need to spin the maze by holding onto the opening and moving it around. The wheel spins freely and your bird can watch their food move from shelf to shelf until it reaches the opening. By adding bird safe foraging substrate, you can increase the difficulty of this maze once your bird is experienced at it. You can also use Mini Feather Weights as foraging foot toys inside the maze.


    The maze itself is a sealed piece of acrylic and cannot be opened, it is tough and will stand up to the big beaks! The Large Maze measures 15cm in diameter and 3cm thick, it screws onto the side of the cage with the nut and bolt set, as well as 2 washers which fits all cage/aviary bars. The small is available in my store also.

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    Hanging Tilt-a-Wheel

    The Hanging Tilt-a-Wheel is a new design made by Caitec. Or should I say, a ‘re-invented’ design after the Cage-Mounted version was too difficult for most beaks. This ‘saucer’ is see through and has 2 openings in the top that your clever parrot can access their food from. Fill it with dry food, treats and foraging substrate (eg bird safe kitty litter) and watch as your bird spins, pushes and tilts the wheel to get to the reward.


    The Tilt-a-Wheel measures 21cm wide and a total of 27cm tall, including the quick link that it hangs from. There is a short length of natural, sisal rope under the toy too.

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    Rattler Ring Foot Toy

    The new Rattler Ring toy from Super Bird is jingly and jangly! This is a sturdy foot toy suitable for the larger parrots that like to manipulate things with their feet and beak. It makes a gentle rattling sound when being turned over and your bird may enjoy shaking it for extra rattle! Check out the video in the tab below to see Precious with hers.


    The Rattler Ring is 2cm in diameter and measures 7 x 7cm. They come in Rainbow, yellow and green. As of Mar 2018, they currently all seem to be rainbow in colour.

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    Smiley Cup

    These colourful little tea cups are too cute to pass by!


    With different faces on each cup and a handle that can be held my many breeds of birds, they make a great foot toy. Train your bird to hold it with their foot while they ‘drink’ out of the cup for a reward. You can use them as a toy part or just hang the cups in your birds cage. Mini Feather Weight Foot Toys fit well within the cup, as do 2cm Vine Balls and many pellets and smaller nuts. There is a video in the tab below showing the cup in use.


    There is a gap in the handle, big enough for stainless steel ‘o’ rings and small rope to pass through to hang the cup or use it as a toy part.

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    Buster Food Ball Small

    The cousin of the popular ‘Buster Food Cube’, the Buster Food Ball is a little bit easier of a toy to use – but not too easy! While the ball shape means it rolls around with more ease, it still has all the wonderful compartments inside the ball to slow the food down from exiting the toy. Your pet will need to roll this ball around with their paws and nose to get the food moving through the maze tracks inside, before it falls via the 2 openings in the central shaft.


    The inner shaft is removable for easy filling and cleaning. Lock it in and watch your dog work at their meal. Always introduce new foraging toys to your pet with supervision and guidance.


    The Buster Food Ball comes in 2 sizes, this is the small. While blue and red are both pictured, only red is available currently.

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    Buster Food Cube Mini

    This has long been one of my favourite designs, the Buster Food Cube is a great toy with a clever design. The cube has compartments inside which means food doesn’t move around quite as freely as it would in a hollow item. The inner cone of the toy also has just 2 openings within, making more of a challenge for your clever pooch to get their biscuits out. The inner cone is removable for cleaning also.


    This toy is suitable for small dogs (under 10kg), cats, large parrots and rabbits. It comes in 4 great colours. For larger dogs, please see the larger sized cube.

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    Catmosphere Food Ball (cats & large parrots)

    Cats are hunters by nature. Stimulate your cat”s curiosity with this unique treat dispenser. Filled with your cat”s favorite treats the dispenser creates an unpredictable roll that engages the cat to chase it.

    This is a bit trickier than the standard food ball. The food/treats sit in the clear sphere for you cat to see, however they don’t just freely fall out of an opening in the toy like some easier designs. The centre of the toy has a large tube through the core of it and at the bottom of that core, there is a single opening. Your pet will need to get some food into the opening at the bottom and then tip the ball to let the reward out.


    Available only in pink currently.


    Suitable for cats and for large parrots! See the videos of my own Corella using the toy in her foraging tray.


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    DISCONTINUED Feather Weight Foot Toy (Mini)

    LAST ONES LEFT!     These products have sadly been discontinued by the manufacturer. I only have mini’s left now, no small, medium or rings left I’m sorry.


    These Featherweight foot toys are so versatile! You can use them for foraging as you can hide food in the ridges of each ‘bobble’ for your bird to dig out. They can be given as a foot toy, put inside many other foraging toys or hidden around the cage. Because they are made as kids toys, with non-toxic plastic, they are as safe as possible for your bird to chew.


    I use these daily for my own birds, hiding seeds and small pellets in the ridges and using them through the foraging toys in their cages. Take a look at all the videos in the tab below of the various foot toys in use.


    Each ball is about 2cm in diameter and are available in blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and red as pictured. A random selection of colours will be chosen for you unless otherwise requested.

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    Planet Pleasures Dumbell Foot Toy

    The Dumbell foot toy by Planet Pleasures is made with all bird safe and natural parts. There’s dried bamboo stalk, woven palm leaf with natural stuffing inside the ends for your parrot to delight in chewing at and a disc of bamboo around the toy to move back and forth.


    The foot toy measures 11 x 3cm and is great for medium to large parrots.

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    Stainless Steel Quick Link

    This is the absolute safest type of toy hanging link available here. The large quick link is 100% stainless steel, including the clasp which is hexagonal in shape so can be easily tightened with pliers for those parrots that like to un-do clips. Always use quick links, tightened with pliers, for large or destructive parrots.


    Many toys come with the smaller pear clips attached. You can replace them with stainless steel quick links. Also check your purchases as certain toys and ranges like Planet Pleasures and my own natural toys don’t come with links so you can choose your own.


    The Quick Links measure 4cm long, 1.7cm wide and the opening is 6mm. Stainless steel grade 316.


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